Launch of professional co-development groups for Directors and Human Resources Managers

//Launch of professional co-development groups for Directors and Human Resources Managers
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Professional Co-development groups for Directors and Human Resources Managers

Your profession has changed a lot. This practice has become more complex. Human resources management must now be able to anticipate, adapt to changes and require great versatility, as well as a sound economic and financial culture to foster dialogue with third parties.

As HR director or manager, your position and confidentiality obligations often result in isolation and lack of interaction.

However, to deal with certain issues, it is important to be able to step back, reflect and rely on the experience of your peers.

Professional co-development is an ideal training tool to help you find practical solutions to your professional challenges.

What is professional co-development?

It is a peer-learning group (6 to 8 people, complementary and of the same hierarchical level) that meets during several sessions throughout the year in order to help each member solve difficult professional situations with practical advice and solutions for greater professional performance.

It is a collaborative, structured and directed process that uses collective intelligence to enhance and consolidate the professional practice of each participant.

A certified co-development coach facilitates each meeting to guide and optimize exchanges between members.

The learning is based on real situations and throughout the sessions everyone has the opportunity to present his case as a “client” to the rest of the “consultants” to help amplify his or her vision of the situation, find solutions and implement them.

Some examples of topics that can be addressed: people and talent management, processes, skills development, change management, conflict management, assertiveness, diversity management, digitalization and new models etc …

What are the benefits of co-development for your professional practice?

The co-development will allow you to step back to better reflect on your professional practice, to exchange experiences and best practices with your peers with confidence. It is not only a place of exchange and dialogue but also of reflection, of personal and collective learning to find concrete answers to your professional challenges thanks to a methodology that has already proved itself in many companies and organizations in the world.

To learn more about professional co-development:

According to many experts, this practice revolutionizes the world of business: it is a training method inspired by “Action Learning”, imported from Canada (Quebec), developed by Professors Payette and Champagne and which has a significant deployment in Europe in large companies such as Siemens, Orange, PSA, Air France, Covea to name a few.
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Exchanging with others about experiences allows learning that is otherwise impossible

A.Payette and C.Champagne, Le Groupe de Codéveloppement Professionnel