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1402, 2018

#6 A Strong brand equals strong profits

Brands are now likely to be defined by customer experience and the conversations your customers have about that experience. “if a brand is a promise then a great brand is a promise kept” Make promises [...]

1512, 2017

#5 Get the right people on the right seat

Issues surrounding Human Resources are among the most common topics discussed, main advice is “Hire slow and fire fast” but do it based on company values.

412, 2017

#4 Company Culture

Your Company Culture should be based on a shared vision and shared values with all the members of the organization. The culture mirrors the personality of the owner especially for small companies. The way you [...]


Pascale has a very engaging personality and a very deep insight into human behavior and how to motivate a diverse group.  She was just wonderful
Michelle Johnston, Special projects consultant at Egg events