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Why Join a Mastermind Group?

You are passionate about the business you are building or your role as manager. But right now, you’re feeling isolated, overwhelmed and stuck, feeling short on time whilst facing serious business decisions.
It’s not just you, managing business and teams is complex.

Doing it all by yourself is not the solution, what you need now is the focus, direction, accountability and peer group support to accelerate you towards your goals and success.

As an entrepreneur and managing director, I have faced similar situations and know just how you feel. In those moments, I missed the opportunity to share, to be heard and to get support on a regular basis from trusted advisors in a safe space.

Therefore, I have designed a solution that brings together the proven and efficient mastermind group and professional co-development methodologies, my experience as a facilitator, coach and consultant – and my passion for inspiring powerful conversations.

My goal is to help you gain more clarity on what you really want, make wiser decisions and accelerate your success through group thinking, learning, and coaching support. Instead of feeling isolated and stuck, you will feel more confident, energized, inspired for action and focused to reach your goals and full potential.

Pascale Marcou Benkemoun

What Is a Mastermind Group?
Benefits of Joining
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Who is it for?

The Tangram Program is designed for independant business people and companies managerial teams who want to capitalise on Collective Intelligence to learn and reach more satisfaction and success in their business, professional practices and personal lives.

Who I am

“My mission is to inspire powerful conversations for learning, positive change and more happiness in people’s lives.”

I am a specialist business coach and consultant, focused on helping business owners and managing directors through the critical moments on their business journey.

As an entrepreneur and group leader, I combine my extensive experience in international business, launching new ventures and leading multicultural teams, with my skills as a facilitator and coach, and my passion for personal development through powerful conversations…

I strongly believe that powerful conversations lead to positive change in people and organizations and that well managed discussion groups bring collective wisdom and higher achievements. Read More.

Get Inspired

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Pascale is a person who makes you easy to deal with, she has the ability to inquire and listen to the needs of the group and the expectations of the organizer of the training, which is very valuable. Moreover, as a personal coach she has influenced and guided me to be more aware of aspects of myself and feel more secure.
Diana Beltran, Customer Logistics Leader at Procter & Gamble Iberia.